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Select a Cover Type

Step 1: Select a Cover Type

Custom Van Covers

  • Price Range: $194.50 - $374.50
  • Available in 13 Colors
  • Contain Mirror Pockets
  • Made to Order
  • Ships in 3-7 Days

Semi-Custom Van Covers

  • Price Range: $69.50 - $182.50
  • Available in Gray Only
  • No Mirror Pockets
  • 1,000's in Stock
  • Ships Next Day

Did You Know?

We are proud to offer the best custom and semi-custom van covers on the market. But what's the real difference between a custom van cover and a semi-custom van cover? This is the question that most people struggle with and one that we strive to make easier for our customers.

Custom van covers are made to order for the specific year, make, model, and body type of your van. Custom van covers are also available in a choice of colors, materials, and they include mirror pockets. Semi-custom van covers are designed and manufactured ahead of time to fit a range of multiple van types and sizes. While semi-custom van covers are only available in one type of material and one color, they are more affordable than custom van covers. Furthermore, our semi-custom van covers are manufactured and stocked in more sizes and cuts than our competitors which means our semi-custom covers fit more like custom covers.

A common misconception around semi-custom van covers are that they can be bought at your local auto store, but this false. The van covers sold at your local auto store are universal ready-fit covers and are known for being inexpensive while offering a poor fit and no warranty. Our semi-custom covers are not ready-fit covers and are backed with some of longest warranties available. So shop with us and shop with confidence.

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